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A Brand New Activity-Fruit Machine Mania! Come to Win The Biggest Rewards!

07/13/2017  Hits:1636

This time Angel has brought A Brand New Activity-Fruit Machine Mania! Love it?  Let us see who is the luckiest Player! Angel has also brought my heroes massive Trial Stone,Kindling and Emblems! Come and get them!

Activity One: Big Giveaway of Trial Stone and Emblems!

Activity Time: 00:00.July.14—23:50.July.16 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S85
Activity Content:
During the event, players who recharge over specified amount of Gold at a single time can click  to collect rewards.
There are no limit times to collect rewards, the more you recharge, the more rewards you received. Rewards are sent according to the highest rank that players’ single recharging reached, and other rank of rewards can’t be claimed.

*The Golden Emblem is the extreme rare item which is used to comprehend Advanced Deicide Skills of buddy

Activity Two: Fruit Machine Mania
Activity Time: 00:00.July.14—23:50.July.16 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S85
Activity Content:

During the event, click   to enter the interface as follows:

1. During the event, recharge 1 Gold can get 1 Fruit Coin, the amount of Fruit Coins will show in the upper right.
2. Heroes can consume Fruit Coins and click the small icons below to bet, when you bet, the amount of Fruit Coins will reduce accordingly. Click the Start button to begin.
*Click the【Reset】button to reset the bets
3.To start the Fruit Machine, need consume Fruit Coins and bet, you will get relevant rewards according to the pattern you get.
Triple Fruit Coins Rewards:                     

50 Times Fruit Coins Rewards:   

100 Times Fruit Coins Rewards:   

The other patterns you get, the rewards will be calculated according to your bets  

When you get the LUCK pattern in the left, it means you don’t get any rewards
When you get the LUCK pattern in the right, it will make Fruit Machine start extra 3 times.

Click  to open Fruit Coins Store. You can consume Fruit Coins to buy relevant items.
*After the event, the Fruit Coins Store will remain, heroes can still use Fruit Coins to buy items. 
【Server Fruit Coins Ranking】

Ranking will record the highest amount of Fruit Coins that players had during the event. The Top 7 will receive the Ranking rewards. 

(Click Anonymous to play it with name hidden, your name will be replaced by Magnate.)

Activity Three:Weekend Rapture!
Activity Time: 00:00.July.14—23:50.July.16 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S85
Activity Content: 

During the event, click the Weekend Rapture  to join the event.
During the event, consuming 50 Gold can acquire a Candy which is able to be donated in the event.
The personal donations reach to a certain amount, relevant rewards can be claimed
The server donations reach to a certain amount, extra Server Rewards will be sent
Click the Rewards button for details
Note: Donating at least one Bluebird for the Server Rewards
Rewards:Silver, Talent Point, Stamina, Pet Essence, Reputation, 999 Roses, Golden Emblem ,Yellow Emblem, Perfect Gemstone Shard, Shadow Shard and so on
*【Yellow Emblem】:used to exchange buddy spar in Temple of Light
*Shadow Shard: Precious Item! Collecting 10 Shadow Shard can summon mystery buddy 【Shadow】
  Relevant information about Buddy 【Shadow】, please follow our official website and forum.
Personal Donation Rewards will be sent to Bag, so make sure there is enough space for the rewards
The Server Rewards will be sent by mail after the event

Activity Four: Transmute and Retrain for Gold Refund!

Activity Time:00:00.July.14—23:50.July.16 (EST)
Activity Range:S1-S85

Activity Content:

During the event, My Heroes, you can click the Special Events to join.  

You can directly use Transmute and Gem Retrain (unlock at Lv 46) as well, the next day you will get 50% refund of the Gold spent on those two function. 

There is no limit of the refund, you can claim the refund at Collect Reward  the next day.

Eg: During the event, you spend 100 Gold Transmuting and Retraining, you will get 50 Gold Refund the next day.

Note: The Gold to Activate new attribute in Retraining will not be refunded!

Activity Five: Great Pet Bonus! 130% Pet Trial Rewards!

Activity Time: 00:00.July.14—23:50.July.16 (EST)

Activity Range:  S1-S85

Activity Content:

During the event, pet trial rewards will be 130%.

Advanced Training with Gold has higher success rate~

Note: There will be an icon of Trial bonus in the right corner of pet trial

          Reach Lv 50 and complete relevant main quest to unlock Pet Trial

Activity Six:  Double Success Rate of Hallows Channelling!
Activity Time:
00:00.July.14—23:50.July.16 (EST)
Activity Range:S1-S79
Activity Content:

During the activity, Success Rate of Hallows Channelling is  double!

(Note: Reach Lv90 and complete relevant instance to unlock Hallows Channelling)

>>>>Click to check 【Hallows Channelling】 Introduction

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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