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Gold Lottery! For highest 300% Rebate!

10/09/2017  Hits:935

Angel has brought my heroes welfare~ The Gold Lottery, Win massive Gold, You can also choose  Auto or Anonymous when play it.

Activity One: Gold Lottery

Activity Time    :  00:00.Oct.10—23:50.Oct.11 (EST)
Activity Range  :  S1-S108
Activity Content:
During the event, Heroes have a free chance to join Gold Lottery each day. Besides, you can spend gold to play, 100% probability to win.

Eg: Heroes spend 200 gold to play, you will win at least 200 gold and at most 800 gold.

(For highest 300% Rebate)


Auto: You will collect all of your rewards once.

Anonymous: No one will see your rewards information.

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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