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Month End Give Back! 50% Rebate of The Highest Amount of Single Recharge!

11/30/2017  Hits:2060

Activity Time: Nov.30 (EST) Only for One Day!
Activity Range: S1-S123
Activity Content:

During the event, my heroes are able to acquire extra 50% gold rewards of the largest amount of single recharge.



Rewards will be delivered in 24 hours after the event .

The extra gold rewards will not be counted into VIP and other recharge event as well.

Eg: Angel recharged three times, $2.99, $9.99 and $99.99. The largest amount of top-up is $99.99, so Angel can receive $112.97 of gold immediately, besides after the event, there will be another extra $49.99 of gold in Angel’s account. ($99.99*50%=$49.99)

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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