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Consecutive Recharge for Massive Gifts! Tower of Fate Is Coming !

12/14/2017  Hits:1640

Activity One: Consecutive Recharge for Massive Gifts!

Activity Time: 00:10 Dec.15-23:50 Dec.21 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S128
Activity Content:

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 1 day can acquire: Kindling*20
Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 2 days can acquire: 200 Gold
Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 3 days can acquire: Luck Point*50

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 4 days can acquire: Servant Emblem*100

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 5 days can acquire: Golden Emblem*30

Activity Two: Tower of Fate

Activity Time: 00:00 Dec.15-23:50 Dec.16 (EST)

Activity Range: S1-S127

Activity Content:

During the event, click  to enter the event interface.

1.During the event,players can consume Fate Coupon to draw.There will be 3 free Fate Coupon every day. Players can also spend gold to purchase
2.Players can only draw in the first layer at beginning.If players get the Special Reward at the left of each layer,they can enter the next one to draw
3.While drawing,players can get different items and Eternity Mark. Click Mark Shop, use Eternity Mark to exchange Exclusive Horcrux and Buddy Shards

4.Fate Coupon and Eternity Mark will be reset after the event.Please use them in time.


           【Horcrux: Void Bead】

Stats Bonus: Main Character  Special Atk+10000, Accuracy+500, Divine Shiel+2


Blade of Queen Operation Team


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