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Year-End Give Back! 50% Gold Rebate At Least! All in Overturn of Diamonds!

12/27/2017  Hits:1272

Activity One: Overturn of Diamonds

Activity Time: 00:10 Dec.28-23:50 Dec.31 (EST)

Activity Range: S1-S131

Activity Content:

During the event, click  to enter and main interface as follow:

During the event, system will send every player 88 Diamonds for free at first then player recharging 2 Gold can receive 1 Diamond which is used to roll. 

Player can roll 10 times at most during the event and will win extra Diamonds rewards.The more times you roll, the more diamonds you will need and the more Diamonds you will get.Player will receive same amount of Gold according to the amount of acquired Diamonds after the event.

*E.g.: Hero recharges 5000 Gold during the event and win 450 Diamonds by rolling so he will receive 3038 Gold after the event.

(88 Diamonds at first+2500 Diamonds recharge rewards+450 Diamonds rolling rewards=3038 Diamonds=3038 Gold)

* The refund Gold will be sent through mail.

Blade of Queen Operation Team

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