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Come and Join the Gold Roulette!

01/04/2018  Hits:1692

Activity One: Free Gift for Consumption!
Activity Time: 00:10 Jan.05-23:50 Jan.06 (EST)

Activity Range: S1-S133

Activity Content: 
During the event, My Heroes, you can click the  to join.  
Main interface as follows:

Player can receive corresponding rewards by spending Gold on completing the relevant missions to meet the following requirements. At the same time, player can get the points which are earned by the Mission. And there are two extra rewards: Point Rewards and Point Ranking. 
Player’s point reaches a certain tier, can claim the personal rewards.
After the event, Top 20 of Point Ranking’s player can claim the extra corresponding Ranking Rewards which contains massive Golden Emblems.
*Rewards will be sent through email.
*Each Mission can be completed once.

Activity Two: Gold Roulette!

Activity Time: 00:00 Jan.05-23:50 Jan.06 (EST)

Activity Server: S1-S133

Activity Content:
During the event, accumulated deposit reached to certain amount of Gold, can acquire drawing chances. Join the event to obtain high rebate.
Click  to take part in the event!
During the event, the single recharge reached to specified amount of Gold, can increase the Gold amount to draw (The more you spend, the more you will acquire~). 

Accumulated deposit reached to specified amount of Gold, can increase the drawing chances. Players have 2 free chances during the event.
You can win at least 1.1x Gold you spend, the highest rebate is 8x Gold you spend.
Eg: You spend 888 Gold drawing, you can acquire at least 977 Gold or 7104 Gold at most.

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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