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S134【Honor of Ice】official launch, New server gifts are waiting for you!

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Blade of Queen, a RPG strategy web game which is based on western myths Beautiful scenery, pretty characters, vivid battle actions, gives you a different game experience! During the open beta, players are in high moods. So the new server S134Honer of Icewill be officially launched at 05:00 Jan.05 (EST)To give you a better experience, we prepared special activities for you, come and join us!

【Special Events】

Activity One: Recharge For Permanent Title, Wings and Pet

Activity Time: 00:00 Jan.05—23:50 Jan.07 (EST) 

Activity Range: New Server

Activity Content: 

During the event, accumulated deposit reached to certain amount of gold, abundant rewards can be acquired. Players are able to claim the rewards from ''Special Events''  after meeting the requirement.


Note: Please click ''Special Event'' to collect rewards before the end of the events, or you are not able to claim your rewards.

*After receiving the title, click the 【Achievements】-【Special】of your profile to wear the title


*You can only wear one title at a time, but the stats of different titles will stack

【Luia Retinue Card  Stats: HP+100】

【Autumn of Town: Character HP+3000】 

【Horcrux: Soul of Thunder  Special Atk+1000 Special Def+2000】

【Talarurus: Lv4 Roar+7 Recover+8】

【Wings of Cherubim】

Activity Two: Gold Lottery (For highest 300% Rebate)

Activity Time:   00:00 Jan.05—23:50 Jan.07 (EST) 

Activity Range: New Server

Activity Content:

During the event, Heroes have a free chance to join Gold Lottery  each day. Besides, you can spend gold to play, 100% probability to win.

Eg: Heroes spend 200 gold to play, you will win at least 200 gold and at most 800 gold.

Activity Three: Accumulated Consumption For Abundant Gifts!

Activity Time:  00:00 Jan.05—23:50 Jan.07 (EST) 
Activity Range: New Server
Activity Content: 
During the event, Heroes who consume to specified amount can click Special Events    to collect rewards.
Eg: Accumulated Consumption reaches 500 Gold to claim rewards from 200 Gold and 500 Gold level.
Note: Please click ''Special Event'' to collect rewards before the end of the events, or you are not able to claim your rewards.

 Activity Four: Angel Roulette

Activity Time: 00:00 Jan.05—23:50 Jan.07 (EST) 

Activity Range: New Server
Activity Content:
During the event, click the Angel Roulette   to join the event. My heroes, you will have 5 free chances to draw the roulette to get rewards.
Each consumption of 50 gold is able to get an extra chance for drawing.

During the event, when the times of drawing reach 100 times, My Heroes you are able to claim the Wings of Luna (Permanent) through Collect Reward 

   Wings of Luna

Activity Five: Growth Fund  300% massive rebate

Activity Time: Permanent
Activity Content: 

During the event, click   to join the event.

Players over VIP3 (includes VIP3)  can spend gold purchasing Growth Fund. Corresponding rebate fund will be available when players reach the required level.There are 4 Grades for Growth Fund. The higher the Grade is, the more total rebate fund you will get.
Additionally, everyone can collect the extra reward in Server Pump when the numbers of the purchasers meet the requirement. 
Each character can purchase the fund only once. Please be cautious to choose the rank.
The rebate gold won’t be given credit for VIP exp.

Activity One         :  Login reward
Activity Time        : After the launch of New Server
Activity Content   :
1. Players who create the character of game will get 200 gold rewards 
2. During the first three days of New Server, players can acquire 30 gold rewards each day. Three days rewards are 90 gold in total which can be added to VIP accumulation as well. 

Activity Two       :  Collector’s reward
Activity Time      : After the launch of New Server

Activity Content :
Players just need to click the [Collector’s Reward] to create a shortcut of the game on the desktop, 50 gold will be rewarded. After collecting, players can enter the game through shortcut.

Activity Three     : New Players gift pack

Activity Time      : After the launch of New Server

Activity Content :
Players just have to attain New player code at the page of [Code Redemption] , and redeem the code in the game for a new player gift pack which includes 58 Gold + Stage 1 strength potion + Stage 1 volition potion + Stage 1 intelligence potion.

Note: Each Code can be only used once by each character at each server, over-claim won’t work. The 58 gold won’t be added to VIP growth.
Redemption of Code:
Enter New player code at Little Elf 【Spring Town】 to redeem, and click Collect reward to claim.

Activity Four       : Online rewards
Activity Time       : After the launch of New Server
Activity Content  :
Since the register of players, meet the requirement of online time to attain stamina.
Specific rewards:
Online for 5 minutes: 20 stamina

Online for 10 minutes: another 20 stamina
Online for 15 minutes: another 30 stamina
Online for 20 minutes: another 30 stamina

Activity Five        :  Log in Reward
Activity time       : After the launch of New Server
Activity content  : 
When players reach Lv10, Bountied Log-in will be opened. Log in each day will get corresponding rewards, continuously log in for 7 days, exclusive Goddess and Pet Little Sheep will be yours
The 1st day: 28888 Silver, 20 Gold, Golden Weapon Chest, 200 Reputation The 2nd day:Goddess of Fortune
The 3rd day: 88888 Silver, 20 Stamina, 30 Gold
The 4th day: 188888 Silver, 40 Stamina, 500 Reputation
The 5th day: 288888 Silver, 40 Stamina, 50 Gold
The 6th day: 388888 Silver, 60 Gold, 1000 Reputation
The 7th day: Pet Little Sheep (PET function unlock needed completing main quest at LV50)

Activity Six         : First recharge reward
Activity Time      : After the launch of New Server
Activity Content :
Players who recharged any amount of Gold can get bountiful gift pack. It contains Rare mount Red Flame Wolf,Buddy: Little Athena,Limited Title:Adventurer, Stellar Power Pack, 500K Silver, 200 Stamina, Stage 1 potion Pack, 2000 Talent Points.

Note: Gift pack only can be claimed once.

Activity Seven    : Recharging discount for first three days of New Server

Activity Time      :  The first three days of New Server
Activity Content :
Players who recharged up to following amount can receive extra gold rewards which will not be added to VIP accumulation. The more you recharge, the more rewards you will attain!
Recharge up to 100 gold one time, reward 10 gold.
Recharge up to 1000 gold one time, reward 105 gold. 
Recharge up to 2000 gold one time, reward 225 gold. 
Recharge up to 5000 gold one time, reward 575 gold.  
Recharge up to 10000 gold one time, reward 1175 gold. 
Recharge up to 20000 gold one time, reward 2475 gold.   
Note: System will automatically calculate the recharging of players and maximize extra gold rewards. If you recharge 50500 gold one time, you will attain extra gold rewards separately from 20000 gold level, 20000 gold level ,10000gold level and 5 times 100 gold level, so the ultimate extra rewards: 2475+2474+1175+10*5= 6175 Gold

Activity Eight: New Server Gift! Login Fund For Premium Rebate!
Activity time:  first 14 days after launching of the server
Activity Content: 

Players can purchase Login Fund by spending 1000 Gold. You can get 2000 Gold in Total during one week.

 The Fund is only available for the first week after launching of the server. If you don't log in one day, 

then the rewards of that day are unable to claim.

Activity Nine: Level Up Rewards

Activity Time: Permanent

Activity Range: New Server

Activity Content:

Heroes who reach the corresponding level can claim corresponding rewards.

*Each Reward can be claimed only once.

*Rewards will be sent through mail, please check it carefully.

*Pandora Box: Open Pandora Box to randomly obtain one from Goddess Card*1, Silver*500K, Stellar Shard*1 and have a tiny chance to acquire Wings of Fallen Angel*1

Angel’s Wing


Pet: Blackspot

Stage 4 stats bonus: HP+36000, Threat+5, Divine Shield+5


Title: First Exploration     Accuracy+30

Activity Ten: New Server Rush!
Activity Time:The first three days of New Server 
Activity Content: 
During the event, click  to join the event.

*Hero need log in our game during the Activity time to activate this event.
1. This activity lasts for 7 days after activating and there are different missions every day. Player can claim rewards after completing the missions.
2. Player can’t check the mission in advance but if player has completed the missions before it activated, you can directly get the rewards when you activate it.
3. The activated tasks must be completed on that day or you won’t claim the rewards.

Activity Eleven  : Arena King

Activity time       : The first three days of New Server

Activity content  :
3 days after opening New Server, Top10 players can get additional rewards as follow apart from system rewards
The 1st: 2000 Gold
The 2nd: 1000 Gold
The 3rd: 500 Gold
The 4th: 400 Gold
The 5th: 350 Gold
The 6th: 300 Gold
The 7th: 250 Gold
The 8th: 200 Gold
The 9th: 150 Gold
The 10th: 100 Gold

After the activity, the rank and corresponding rewards will be shown in the interface of Arena King

Activity Twelve     : Seek Star for Rewards
Activity time      : The 4th-6th day during the New Server
Activity content : 
Players whose seek star times meet the requirement can get corresponding rewards
Seek Star 100 times in 3 days: 100k Silver, Stellar Power*1, Stage 1 Potion Pack
Seek Star 200 times in 3 days: 200k Silver, Stellar Shard*1, Stage 2 Potion Pack
Seek Star 300 times in 3 days: 300k Silver, Stellar Shard*5, Stage 3 Potion Pack

Activity Thirteen  : Special Titles
Activity time      : After the launch of New Server
Activity content : 

Meet the requirement during the activity can get corresponding title (effective for 7 days) and rewards, for more information please refer to the rule in the game

If you have any questions, contact us in the ways below:
Customer service email:

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