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Dragon Decent Coming Back! Enjoy the Rose Ceremony!

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Activity One: Rose Ceremony
Activity Time: 00:00 Mar.10—23:50 Mar.15 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S152
During the event, click 'Rose Ceremony'  to join the event

1. During the event, players will receive relevant rewards after sending certain amounts of Roses. Click 'Claim'  to collect reward. The reward will be sent to your mail box automatically.
Click 'Rewards' to check the details of Personal Rewards.

2. When donated Roses of the whole server reach the certain amounts, all players who joined the event will receive relevant rewards. Server rewards will be sent to your mail box uniformly after the event.
Click 'Rewards' to check the details of Server Rewards.

3. After the events, Top 30 players of the Server Ranking will gain such huge amounts of ranking rewards like Luck Point, Refining Stone and Servant Emblem. Top 10 servers with donated Roses will gain such ranking rewards like Gold, Stamina and Roses. Ranking rewards will be sent to your mail box after the event.
Top 3 players will gain huge amounts of Eidolon Shards.
Click 'Rankings' to check the details of Ranking and Ranking Rewards.

Note: Click Settings- Set Reminder- Other tips can display Flower-Sending Effect

Activity Two:The Dragon Descent !

Activity Time: 00:00 Mar.10—23:50 Mar.16 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S151

Activity Content:
During this activity, click   on the main screen and you will see the following interface:
1. During the activity, obtain 1 Dragon coin via accumulatively recharge 50 gold or spend 100 gold.
2. During the activity, obtain Demon Balls via completing instances, Seek Star, Transmute, Pet Trial, Awakening, Philosopher’s Stone. Or spend gold to buy Demon Balls by clicking   button.
3. Activate Dragon Balls at the cost of Demon Balls and Dragon Coins. The color of Dragon Ball changes daily. Collect 7 colors of Dragon Balls to obtain Soul of Divine Dragon Horcrux. Demon Balls and Dragon Coins can be exchanged for other rewards.

4. During the activity, there will be a daily Dragon Coin Rank and a 7-Day Dragon Coin Rank.

Daily Dragon Coin Rank:

1) Dragon Coins of a specific day won’t affect the rank of another day, but will be added to the 7-day rank.

2) If you rank top 1-10, you will get a daily rank reward at 24:00 on that day.

3) Daily rank reward will follow the order in the following picture, i.e. on the first day, if you rank top 1-10, you will get Yellow Emblem reward, and so on. The amount of reward changes according to your rank.

7-Day Dragon Coin Rank: 

1)When the activity ends, players ranked 1-30 in 7-day rank will receive final rank reward.

Rewards of Ranking 7-Day: (Ranking1-30’s Heroes can get massive Golden Emblem after the event.)
NO.1: 2500 Golden Emblem
No.2: 2000 Golden Emblem
NO.3: 1200 Golden Emblem
NO.4-10: 800 Golden Emblem
NO.11-20: 600 Golden Emblem
NO.21-30: 400 Golden Emblem

*From 23:50 to 23:59, Dec 6th, it is activity display time. During this period, you cannot get any Demon Ball or Dragon Coin, and it is unavailable to exchange with those items.

*Daily and 7-day rank rewards are sent via mail.

*You need activate the Dragon Ball Horcrux by yourself.

【Soul of Divine Dragon】

Stats Bonus: HP+19999, Divine Shield+2

Activity One: Consecutive Recharge for Massive Gifts!

Activity Time: 00:00 Mar.10—23:50 Mar.16 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S151

Activity Content:

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 1 day can acquire: Eidolon Mark*20
Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 2 days can acquire: Eidolon Raw Stone*200
Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 3 days can acquire: Luck Point*50

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 4 days can acquire: Eidolon Egg*5

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 5 days can acquire: Golden Emblem*50

Cumulatively recharge arbitrary Gold for 6 days can acquire: A Lifetime Lover Title Pack

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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