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Valentine of Destiny! 7 Days Login For Massive Rewards!

03/13/2018  Hits:952

Activity One: Valentine of Destiny

Activity Time: 00:00 Mar.13—23:50 Mar.15 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S153

Activity Content: During the event, click  to join

1. During the event, Raiding, Pet Trial, Awakening, Seeking Star, Hallows Channelling, Transmute and Philosopher's Stone will give you a chance to obtain Romantic Point. 
2. During the event, in Menethilian Harbour, Heart Chest will be refreshed every 30 mins. Collect Heart Chest to win Love Letter and Heart. Click 'Donate' to exchange Love Letter and Heart for Romantic Point. Every 10 Love Letters and 10 Hearts can exchange 1 Romantic Point.

3. During the event, recharge every 50 Gold will earn you one Love Crystal. Consume every 100 Gold will earn you one Chocolate.
4. Chocolate, Love Crystal and Romantic Point can be used to exchange different kinds of Love Box, which includes such rare items like Special Buddy Shards, Six-star Dragon Soul and Stage 8 Potion.
5. Exchanging Love Boxes will earn you certain Points, which will be recorded in Ranking. After the event, Top 10 players of self server and Top 10 players of all servers will get extra rewards like Six-star Dragon Soul and Golden Emblem.
Top 3 players of all servers will get exclusive customized title.

1. There will 2 days for exhibition after the event. During exhibition, players won’t get points, but still can exchange Boxes.
2. During the event, click 'Collect' button will lead you to Menethilian Harbour automatically, which will make it easier for you to collect Heart Chest.

Activity Two:  7 Days Login

Activity Time: 00:00 Mar.13—23:50 Mar.19 (EST)
Activity Range: S1-S153

Activity Content:

During the event, log in the game to claim massive rewards!

Cumulatively Log in 1 day can acquire: 50 Gold 
Cumulatively Log in 2 days can acquire: Stellar Shard*5
Cumulatively Log in 3 days can acquire: 50 Gold 

Cumulatively Log in 4 days can acquire: Yellow Emblem*50

Cumulatively Log in 5 days can acquire: Luck Point*30

Cumulatively Log in 6 days can acquire: 50 Gold

Cumulatively Log in 7 days can acquire: Night Angel Retinue Card

Night Angel Retinue Card

Blade of Queen Operation Team

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