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Brand New Event! Gold Expert! Angel of Demon Limited Offering! 05/22/2018

Recharge 30000 Gold For 20000 Gold Rebate & Massive Kindling! 05/22/2018

Version Update at 04:00 May.22 (EST) 05/21/2018

Buy One & Get One Free Is Coming Again! Recharge For Massive Horc... 05/19/2018

Recharge 10000 Gold For 100% Gold Rebate! Great Discount on Eidol... 05/18/2018

Here Comes the Gratitude Gifts! Great Giveback of Consecutive Rec... 05/17/2018

Let's Fight for Fame! Come and Join! 05/15/2018

New Eidolon Limited Time Offering! Special Discount: Buy One & Ge... 05/14/2018

New Server Ultimate Rewards! Recharge for Powerful Buddy-Shadow! 05/12/2018

New Server Surprise Events! Wining Exclusive Title & Eidolon & Ho... 05/12/2018

Affectionate Mother's Day!Choosing Exclusive Mounts&Horcrux as yo... 05/11/2018

Version Update at 04:00 May.10 (EST) 05/09/2018

Servers Merger Exclusive! Stamina&Exp Giveaway! New Battle Horcru... 05/08/2018

Announcement of Data Transmission of Blade of Queen 05/07/2018

Powerful Retinue Cards Limited time offering! New Event: Lucky Ch... 05/04/2018

Recharge 10000 Gold For 100% Gold Rebate! 05/03/2018

Massive Powerful Mount & New Title Are Waiting For You! 05/02/2018

Blade of Queen New Server Official Launch, Exclusive Gifts Are Wa... 05/01/2018

Single Recharge for 50% Gold Rebate & New Battle Horcrux Are Wait... 04/29/2018

Recharge 10000 Gold For 100% Gold Rebate! 04/28/2018

S161【Enchanting Eyes】official launch, New server gifts are wa... 04/27/2018

Version Update at 04:00 Apr.26 (EST) 04/26/2018

Recharge For New Outfit! New Title Waiting For You! 04/25/2018

Massive Powerful Horcrux & New Battle Horcrux Are Waiting For You... 04/23/2018

Recharge 10000 Gold For 100% Gold Rebate! 04/22/2018

Recharge For New Mount! New Title Waiting For You! 04/20/2018

S160【Shadow Prison】official launch, New server gifts are wait... 04/20/2018

Recharge 10000 Gold For 100% Gold Rebate! 04/17/2018

Massive Powerful Horcrux Are Waiting For You! Come and Join! 04/17/2018

【S1-S156】Clash of the Titans: Cross-Server Conquest! 04/15/2018

The Most Preferential! Big Giveaway of Golden Emblem【Time Limit... 04/15/2018

Brand New Battle Mounts Soul Sliver Fox Limited Time Offering Com... 04/14/2018

New SS Eidolon Frost Queen! Win the Eidolon from Double Happiness... 04/14/2018

S159【Samsara】official launch, New server gifts are waiting fo... 04/13/2018

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