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Pet Pug for Initial Offering! Premium Giveaway of Deadly Sins Tit... 03/05/2017

Gold and VIP Boom! Recharge Any Amount For 150% Rebate! 03/02/2017

Massive Gold! Infinite Stamina! Awesome Wings for Flash Sale! 02/28/2017

Recharge Any Amount For 1000% Rebate!Consume for Deadly Sins Titl... 02/26/2017

Guess of the 2nd Cross-Server Conquest,Getting huge amounts of Go... 02/24/2017

Awakening success rate Double!Big Giveaway of Kindling&Gold! 02/23/2017

Version Update at 03:30 Feb.22(EST) 02/22/2017

S1-S24 Clash of the Titans: Cross-Server Conquest 02/21/2017

Great Pet Bonus! 130% Pet Trial Rewards! 02/21/2017

Premium 50% Gold&VIP Refund! Powerful Pet Talarurus is Awakening! 02/21/2017

Recharge Any Amount For 1000% Rebate! Deadly Sins Title&Gorgeous ... 02/19/2017

Premium Surprise! Gold Carnival!Zodiac Title for You to Claim! 02/17/2017

Double Gold&Double Rate! Recharge for Battle Capacity Boom! 02/15/2017

Special Event! Intimate Love! Awakening Success Rate Double! 02/13/2017

Fight for Your Love! S1-S24: Conquest! 02/13/2017

Romantic Valentine’s Day! Exclusive Outfit & Title! Meeting of ... 02/13/2017

30% Gold and VIP Refund!Double Bonus of Tarot & Wish! 02/10/2017

Stamina Storm is Coming Again!Gold Wining Never Stops! 02/09/2017

50% Discount on Stamina and Angel Escort! 02/07/2017

Recharge for Dual Gifts! Gold Dragon Is Waiting For You to Summon... 02/06/2017

Recharge Any Amount For Premium Rewards ! Zodiac Title for You t... 02/05/2017

Gold and VIP Boom! Monopoly for Premium Gifts! 02/02/2017

Grab Your 50% Discount ! 02/01/2017

Stamina Storm! Recharge for Powerful Costume & Permanent Title! 01/31/2017

Recharge Any Amount For 1000% Rebate ! Zodiac Title for You to Cl... 01/29/2017

Transmute & Retrain for Gold Refund ! Double Bonus of Tarot & Wis... 01/27/2017

Gold and VIP Boom! Goblin Invasion Event for Mystery Pet ! 01/26/2017

S1-S12 Clash of the Titans: Cross-Server Conquest 01/25/2017

Premium Surprise! Gold Carnival! Giveaway of Stamina & Potion! 01/23/2017

50% Discount!Special offer for Stamina and Angel Escort! 01/20/2017

Massive Kindle! Permanent Title! Awakening success rate Double! 01/19/2017

Double Bonus of Tarot and Wish! 01/18/2017

Gold and VIP Boom! Giveaway of Silver & Kindle! 01/16/2017

S1-S12 Clash of the Titans: Conquest 01/16/2017

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