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Month End Give Back! 50% Rebate of The Highest Amount of Single R... 11/30/2017

Consecutive Recharge for Massive Gifts! 11/29/2017

New Single Choice Activity is Coming! Pet: Master Raccoon is Wait... 11/28/2017

【S1-S120】 Clash of the Titans: Conquest! 11/28/2017

Exciting Slots is Coming Again! 11/27/2017

Special Fusion Buddy-Hera Flash Sale! Group Purchase Event is Wai... 11/26/2017

One Day Only! 100% Gold Rebate! 11/24/2017

Lucky Star of Raid! Double Number of Gold from Raiding! 11/22/2017

New Single Choice of Thanksgiving Day Exclusive Turkey Mount ! 11/22/2017

Special GiveBack! 50% Refund of Gold&VIP! Massive Staming&Exps! 11/21/2017

Exciting Slots is Coming Again! 11/18/2017

New Single Choice Activity! Faerie Witch & Fairy Dragon Initial O... 11/17/2017

Three Brand New Activity: Big Profit! Cornucopia! Free Gift for c... 11/15/2017

Big Giveaway of Kindling! 100% Success Rate of Awakening! 11/13/2017

50% Discount on Stamina and Angel Escort! 11/11/2017

Lucky Star of Raid! Double Number of Gold from Raiding! 11/11/2017

Brand New Event! Anniversary Revelry & Badge Bestowal Is Waiting ... 11/11/2017

7 Days Login for Anniversary Exclusive Title!Consecutive Recharge... 11/11/2017

Brand New Event! Voyage of Discovery Is Coming! 11/09/2017

Brand New Event!Tower of Fate! New Single Choice of Skins& Horcru... 11/08/2017

One Day Only! 100% Gold Rebate! Lucky Strike! 11/07/2017

Brand New Event! Defence World Tree! Imprint for Great Stat Bonus... 11/06/2017

【Special Event】Orc Rebellion! Rescue Your Goddess! 11/02/2017

Weekend Rapture! Consume to Get Premium Gift! 11/02/2017

Big Giveaway of Servant Emblem! Pet: Fire Wolf Initial Release! 11/01/2017

Crazy Halloween Exclusive Costume Horcrux And Mount is Waiting fo... 10/31/2017

Consume to Get Halloween Pumpkin Pack! Win The Exclusive Pet ! 10/30/2017

Double Number of Experience from Raiding! 10/30/2017

Consecutive Recharge for Massive Gifts! 10/30/2017

Lucky Strike! Maze of Abyss to Rescue Might Pet! 10/27/2017

Crazy Halloween! Optional Witch Skin& Retinue Card! 10/27/2017

Halloween Welfare! Log in to Get The Exclusive Pet ! 10/27/2017

Lucky Star of Raid! Gold Acquired from Raiding Instance will be D... 10/26/2017

One Day Only! 100% Gold Rebate! 10/26/2017

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