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Experience on Elite Instance

11/03/2016  Hits:14157

Elite instance is sort of difficult place in the game. Now we share some experience on it.

To complete the Elite instance, the preparation work is very essential. I chose the Assassin, raised the strength to 80, enhanced the equipment to Adorned Grade 1. Because lack of money, I only equipped a Auriga. Remind you that price of cultivating is more and more expensive as the growing of level. Recommend you cultivate it with silvers at the beginning. Only cultivate strength, save it once the strength grows (It’s too difficult to cultivate 2 or 3 attributes, not recommend. In addition, remember to awake the Goddess at Lv8. I was lucky, win 3 times at beginning and awake her successful. Luia can add attack and damage, she is really useful. 

Elite Laughlin is a mage monster, he has a high attack a low defence. At first, I tried many times but had not succeeded. Then I find his weakness. I change the position of Main character and Robin, kill the monster and Laughlin in the middle and complete it. So we can see that we need some strategies in the game.

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