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11/03/2016  Hits:14629

In the game of Blade of Queen, players will encounter Fallen Goddess, they have extraordinary high health points and damage. It needs the whole server’s players to work together to defeat it. Of course, each player will get certain rewards according to their damage to the Fallen Goddess after defeating it. If the Fallen Goddess is defeated in 15 minutes. The next time it shows up will get one level up.

Rules of damage rewards 

1. Each battle causing 10 points damage will get 1 silver reward, which rounds up to an integer. The limit of silver rewards = level*100

2. Each battle causing 10000 points damage will get 1 reputation point, which rounds up to an integer. The limit of reputation is 30.

Besides, the top ten of the damage to the Fallen Goddess in each battle will get additional rewards:
The first will get one random Potion-concocting-scroll and equipment-making-scroll

The second to third will get one Potion-concocting-scroll or equipment-making-scroll randomly.

The forth to tenth will get 500 reputation points

The last player who causes damage to the Fallen goddess and kill it will receive abundant rewards by good luck:

(Fallen Goddess lv0-20)*100000 silver reward

In the process of defeating the Fallen Goddess, players can make use of talent point and silver inspiration to enhance own hit points. Players will come back to life quickly through various additional functions after being defeated by the Fallen Goddess each time. Besides, there is the legendary function of Born of Fire which can let players revived on the spot with full health points and state and go straight into the battle to challenge the Fallen Goddess.


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