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Introduction to Constellations

07/05/2017  Hits:49567

In the Sword of Angels, you can ask stars to obtain a variety of Constellations, which when used appropriately can greatly boost your power. However, there are some tips to bear in mind if you want to know the functions of different constellations and which combinations to use. Now we will elaborate on this issue.

Qualities and Classes of Constellations

In the Sword of Angels, the Constellations are divided into four types according to their qualities: Yellow > Purple > Blue > Green, where Yellow denotes the best quality and Green the worst.
1. Constellations of the yellow type: Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius.
2. Constellations of the purple type: Sagitta, Lepus, Ara, Columba, Aquila, Grus, Apus, Cygnus, Lynx.
3. Constellations of the blue type: Volans, Vulpecula, Dorado, Canis, Delphinus, Hydrus, Ursus, Serpens, Cetus, Centaur, Equus.
4. Constellations of the green type: Auriga, Orion, Ophiuchus.

The properties and uses of each constellation

1. +HP: Columba, Aries
These are among the most useful Constellations at the start of game. They are almost essential for clearing the Elite Instances and you should equip each of your buddies with these.

2. +Rage: Canis, Grus, Taurus

Rage is important for every character, because only when Rage reaches 100 can you use the Special. Specials in many cases can be decisive for battle. We strongly recommend that you upgrade your Taurus to Lv6, so that you can use your Special at the very beginning of battle.

3. +Melee Attack: Auriga, Serpens, Draco, Gemini

These are also among the essential Constellations. However, they are useless for Warlocks as Warlocks do not have melee attack.

4. +Spell Attack: Orion, Equus, Sagitta, Leo

These are essential for Warlocks who depend mainly on spells. Do not mistakenly put them on buddies not of the Warlock Class, as the other Classes do not have spell attack.

5. + Special Attack: Ophiuchus, Centaur, Cygnus, Cancer

These constellations are essential for every Class, as the Special is always important and decisive for battle.

6. +Critical Hit: Hydrus, Apus, Pisces

These constellations increase your chances of performing critical hits, and are essential for DPS characters such as Rangers.

7. +Dodge: Dorado, Aquila, Aquarius

These constellations increase your chances of dodging opposing attacks, and are essential for characters relying on dodge such as the Rogues.

8. +Block: Cetus, Lynx, Capricorn

These constellations increase chances of blocking opposing attacks, and are the perfect match for Knights. Of course, other Classes can equip this to increase block and withstand more attacks.

9. +Hit: Delphinus, Ara, Virgo

Hit is the counterpart of dodge. Increasing the Hit of your attacks makes opponents less likely to dodge them.

10. +Wreck: Lepus, Capricorn

Wreck is the counterpart of block. Attacks with higher Wreck Lv are less likely to be blocked by opponents.

11. +Flexibility: Libra

Flexibility is the counterpart for Critical Hits. Higher Flexibility allows you to reduce the chance of the opponent performing a Critical Hit on you.

12. +Deathstrike: Sagittarius

Deathstrike Lv determines the damage dealt by a single Critical Hit, and is important for characters focusing on DPS.

13. +Defence: Ursus, Volans, Vulpecula

These three constellations increases spell defence, special defence and melee defence respectively. However, they are less useful and their roles will soon be surpassed by other constellations.

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