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Thanks for your interest in safe and fair play!
We consider providing a fair and secure game play environment a top priority. In pursuing that goal, we do not tolerate cheating or abusive behavior. 
Any account found to be involved in any of the practices listed below will lead to penalties such as temporary world chat mute and permanent game account closure.
Help us create a great game environment, and safeguard your account by keeping the following in mind while playing:

We're all here to enjoy games together. Sometimes that can mean arguing with friends. That's fine, but being abusive towards others drains the fun from the game.
When engaging in any kind of in-game communication, we kindly ask that you are respectful of others. This also applies to the language used in your team's name and description.
Here are a few things that we consider inappropriate:
1. Hate speech, racism and other discriminatory language
2. Obscene or sexually explicit banter
3. Threats or harassment
4. Excessive swearing
5. Bullying 
Report! If you encounter another player being abusive towards yourself or others, please let us know by sending the screenshots about it to GM Angel or our mail box Reports will be reviewed by our trained moderators who will take appropriate action.

Consequences of misconduct: Abusive behavior can lead to temporary world chat mute and even permanent game account closure.

Selling, buying, sharing or giving game accounts to other players is against our terms of service.
Account sales involve advertising advanced game accounts, and luring players eager to progress with tantalizing and unrealistic promises.
We disapprove of private account selling and buying and WE DON'T TAKE ALL THE BAD CONSEQUENCES CAUSED BY IT.


1. Blade of Queen Staff impersonation
2. Phishing other players' accounts

3. Refund abuse
4. Knowingly exploiting a bug
5. Encouraging others to break the rules
6. Misuse of in-game chat for Advertising, Spamming & Scamming

BOQ Admin Team
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