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Recharge for Gold Rebate!

09/12/2017  Hits:1848

Activity: Recharge for Gold Rebate!
Activity Time: 00:00 Sep.13-23:50 Sep.14(EST)
Activity Range: S1-S101
Activity Content:
Accumulatively recharge 3000 gold, you can get extra 1500 gold;
Accumulatively recharge 5000 gold, you can get extra 1000 gold;  2500 gold in total!
Accumulatively recharge 10000 gold, you can get extra 2500 gold; 5000 gold in total!

Accumulatively recharge 20000 gold, you can get extra 5000 gold; 10000 gold in total!

Accumulatively recharge 30000 gold, you can get extra 5000 gold; 15000 gold in total!

Please claim the Gold rebate in Special Event 

*Reward can be collected only once. You can collect at most 15000 Gold refund.

*The upper limit of accumulative recharge is 30000 gold.

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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