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Blade of Queen Buddy Skin Illustrated Handbook

06/20/2018  Hits:2971

In Blade of Queen, there are many powerful buddies, like Shadow, Venus or Asteria. These buddies can be of great help to our team and also battle. Mighty as they are, they can also be handsome or gorgeous. Look how pretty they can be! Why not let them put on a new suit?

  【Summer Cool-Extreme Lea】        【Summer Cool-True Frigga】  

【Stats: HP+5000, Accuracy+50】【Stats: HP+5000, Accuracy+50】


  【Captain-True Accolade】        【Forest Hunter-True Elpis】  

【Stats: HP+5000, Resistance+50】【Stats: HP+5000, Accuracy+50】

【Summer Cool-True Hathor】        【Summer Cool-True Shadow】  

【Stats: HP+5000, Int+50, Accuracy+50】【Stats: HP+10000, Dodge+100】


【Future Assassin-True Shadow】        【Freezing Ice-True Shadow】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Dodge+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Dodge+100】 


Demon's Jester-True Shadow】        【Evil Assassin-True Shadow】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Dodge+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Dodge+100】 


Summer Cool-Athena】        【Countess-Athena】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Crit+100】 


Genuine Goddess-Athena】        【Sweetheart-Athena】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Crit+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Crit+100】 


Dark Knight-Athena】        【Sweetheart-Athena】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Crit+100】 


Divine Superwoman-Athena】        【Enchanting Witch-Athena】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Crit+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Crit+100】 


Goddess of Moon-Hera】        【Auspicious Snow-Hera】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】 


Future Mage-Hera】        【Summer Cool-Hera】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+10】


Fairy of Bloom-Hera】        【Fury of Queen-Hera】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Enchantment+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+10】


Summer Cool-True Shyvana】        【Fairy of Bloom-True Shyvana】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Enchantment Proof+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Enchantment Proof+100


Judge Angel-Pandora】        【Summer Cool-Asteria】 

Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100


Faerie Witch-Asteria】        【Nymph-Asteria】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】


Future Mage-Asteria】        【Innocent Witch-Asteria】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】


Pop Singer-Asteria】        【Loli X-Men- Angel of Demon】 

【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100】【Stats: HP+10000, Deathstrike+100, Dodge+100】


Water Elf- Angel of Demon】        【Future Ranger- Angel of Demonn】 

HP+10000, Deathstrike+100, Dodge+100】【HP+10000, Deathstrike+100, Dodge+100】

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