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March on the Road to Mars【Fight for Fame】

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Introduction of Fight for Fame

Match Time: One Week 

Match Range: All servers


1. Entrance
During the match, players over Lv.70 can click  to join the corresponding match.

2. Group
When the match starts, players over Lv.70 can sign up to join.
There are five groups in total and players will join the matches according to the level.
Lv.70 – 99Polar
Lv.100 – 139: Air 
Lv.140 – 159: Inferno
Lv160 – 179: Flame
Lv180 -  :Universe

3. Schedule

The match is separated into three phases: Upper Half Elimination, Bottom Half Elimination and the Final.
1. Fight for Fame Upper Half Elimination Rules:
A. Players are selected randomly to fight, one game per round with 10 mins interval between games.
B. Players losing 3 rounds in total will be eliminated until the final 32 are decided.

C. Players can check their record at “My Record

2. Fight for Fame Bottom Half Elimination Rules
A. The rest players excluding the top 32 of Upper Half join the Bottom Half elimination after the Upper Half.
B. Players are selected randomly to fight, one game per round with 10 mins interval between games.
C. Players losing 3 rounds in total will be eliminated until the final 32 are decided.
D. Players can check their record at “My Record
3. Final
A. The final 32 from the Upper Half and Bottom Half will be divided into 16 groups. 5 roundswill be held within groups with 1 hour interval between each round. Players wining 3 rounds will be promoted to the next round.
B. One round of game will be held per day until the Champion is decided.

C. Players may enter the match interface of corresponding level by clicking the relevant NPC in the Sanctuary to watch the matches of each group. 

4. Rewards
Upper Half:
Champion of Upper Half: Mars Pack, Mars Title
Runner-up of Upper Half: General Pack, General Title
No.3-4 of Upper Half: Paladin Pack, Paladin Title
No.5-8 of Upper Half: Pack for No.5-8, Elite Title
No.9-16 of Upper Half: Pack for No.9-16, Elite Title
No17-32 of Upper Half: Pack for No.17-32, Elite Title

Bottom Half:
Champion of Bottom HalfMars Pack, Mars Title
Runner-up of Bottom HalfGeneral Pack, General Title
No.3-4 of Bottom HalfPaladin Pack, Paladin Title
No.5-8 of Bottom HalfPack for No.5-8, Elite Title
No.9-16 of Bottom HalfPack for No.9-16, Elite Title
No17-32 of Bottom HalfPack for No.17-32, Elite Title

*If the titles obtained in the matches are time-limited, their attributes are permanent. 



1. Polar

2. Air

3. Inferno

4. Flame

5. Universe

5. Support

During the final, players above Lv.40 may choose one to support in each round. If the one supported win the game, players will gain silver as rewards. Otherwise, no rewards will be gained. Players can support the five groups at the same time in relevant Sanctuary NPCs. 

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