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War of Demigod, Shot to Fame: All Server Contest- Arrival of Deity

07/20/2018  Hits:3721

Thunder and lightning bolt, the Deity Throne shows. Blade of Queen will hold All Server Contest: Arrival of Deity. Who will win the greatest honor of Deity remains to be seen.

Note: Unlock at Lv.160, after completing certain instance.


4:00 Jul.18– 0:00 Jun.24 (EST): the First Week All Servers Contest

0:00 Jun.24 (EST): Settlement for the first week

Top 10 players will obtain massive rewards. Top 5 will get awesome exclusive title:

The Deity, Lord of Sun, Lord of War, Lord of Ocean, Lord of Death.




0:10 Jul.25 – 0:00 Jul.31 (EST): the Second Week All Servers Contest, Vote for Most-Liked

Players can worship the Deity in Arrival of Deity. The player who was worshiped for the most times will receive Title: Most-Liked and certain rewards.

0:00 Jul.31 (EST): Settlement for the second week. Issue Arrival of Deity Ranking rewards, Title: The Deity and the rewards of Most-Liked.

>>Click to check the introduction of Arrival of Deity

Blade of Queen Operation Team

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