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Introduction of 【Numen Palace】

08/16/2018  Hits:2139

Numen Palace


Unlock at Lv. 120, after completing certain instances


During the event, players can click to join.


1.There are different Numen Tools in Numen Palace, Players can use Numen Essence for upgrade (Numen Essence can be obtained from Numen Roulette), upgrade Numen Tools can get Perks, Reach different levels will unlock different skills.

Unlock ≠ Activate (Unlock means skills can be learnt)
Roulette Introduction: Players can start the roulette with Silver or Gold. Each spin will earn you a kind of reward, which will disappear once you obtained, and players can spin until the last reward is earned. Also, players can reset the roulette with Gold and refresh the rewards at any time. The number of daily reset times depends on the VIP level and can reach as high as 50 times. 

2. Perks can be used to unlock and upgrade various skills on the Perk Trees; please pay attention to the fact that players can't activate all of the skills, players need to combine the skills according their own requirements, different combinations have different effects;

3. If players are not satisfied with their skill combination, they can spend gold to reset the skills, consumed perks will be returned after resetting.

Numen Blade Activation Requirements: Numen Shield should reach Stage 10   Front Skills: Numen Shield-Absorption Lv. 1 Numen Shield-Puppet Lv. 1 Numen Shield-Pureheart Lv. 1 should be unlocked

4. Players can select one of skill-activated Numen tool. During the fight, Numen tool will release all the activating skill at the first turn and recast the skill every five turns (Learn special passive skills can reduce the cooldown); 

Players should allocate their perks according to their own needs, Different skills have different effects during the fight.

More importantly, we will launch other Numen Tools later on! There will be more super worthy skills waiting for you to unlock

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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