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Brief Introduction on【S1000】 Test Server and Elite Recruitment

10/17/2018  Hits:722

Dear Heroes:

It looks like that you have noticed the open of S1000 Test Server. There are some of you who have had a rudimentary experience on the Test Server. As a Public Test Server, S1000 is opened to every Hero. Apart from that, Angel will recruit Elite Tester among all heroes in this server to assist the official testing operation. Come and join us~

Introduction on S1000 Test Server

1. This server is BOQ Public Test Server, which is secluded from Official Servers, Players can Log in and experience it at any time.

2. The purpose of this server is to test the basic function and relevant features of platform announcement of BOQ. Part of the game content will be unavailable though the icon is displayed.

3. There will be update and server maintenance in this server accordingly without further notice. The lost caused by Bugs won’t be compensated.

4. Angel will send Testing Resources in this server as the Testing Rewards from time to time.

5. This server will be opened without a time limit. However, all players’ data will be cleared if this server is shut down.

Recruitment in S1000 Test Server

In order to ensure the testing quality, Angel will recruit part of the heroes as the Elite Testers from all servers to assist the official testing operation. Angel will also send Rewards to Elite Testers in their official servers.

Recruitment Range:All Players


1. Be familiar with Blade of Queen, and has a role over Level 50 in any server. Can take the testing work seriously.

2. Have enough time to participate in testing work, have to stay active online for at least 1 hour each day(If the player stay inactive for a long time, Angel will cancel the Reward for Testing)

3. Good at discovering BUG, and send the feedback of the Test Server in time.

How to Apply:

Heroes need to create a role in Test Server and contact Angel with their roles in Official Server through GM channel. They can apply after leaving their nicknames of the Test Server.

Angel will have a check after the application. If Heroes pass the check, they will become Elite Tests.

Closing Date for Entries: Oct.17th 18:00(EST)

Testing Reward:

The Testing Activity for Elite Testers will last for Two Weeks; Angel will send 2000 Gold to the Roles in Official Servers of all Elite Testers Each Week, meanwhile Angel will also send Additional Gold Reward to those Excellent Testers according to their Level, Active Time, Bug Reported Amount.

After the test, the system will send Exclusive Title to every Elite Tester.

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