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Introduction of【Faery】

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Unlock at Lv. 131 after completing main quests


Players can click  to join

Players can spend Silver or Gold in Wispering Sacred Tree to acquire Wisp. Wisp can guard the main character or buddies, and bring battle skills and status bonus to characters.

The main interface is as follows:

Press the Play button in the middle of the interface, players can find match with others.

I. Wispering Tree:

Players can spend Silver or Gold to get Wisp Shard, Wisp Card and Wispering Dew through summoning in Sacred Tree.


Wisp Shard: Can be used to increase the star level of corresponding wisp. Higher the star level, better the basic, additional and growing attributes of each level.

Wisp Card: Corresponding Wisp can be acquired directly after getting the Wisp Card. If players own the Wisp already, the Wisp Card will decompose into corresponding Wisp Shard*10 automatically.

Wispering Dew: Can be used to increase the Wisp level. Higher the Wisp level, better the basic attribute. There are three kinds of Dew including Primary Dew(+100 EXP), Medium Dew(+500EXP) and Supreme Dew(+2000 EXP)


Silver Summon: There will be five free summon chances each day. The free chances can stack and will not be reset. When players use up all the free chances, they can only summon 10 additional times with Silver.


10 Silver Summon: Can be used 20 times at most each day. The chances can’t stack and will be reset next day.

Gold Summon and 10 Gold Summon will have no times limit~

II. Wispering Tree House:

Players can Cultivate and Transfer as well as Guarding Subject in Wispering Tree House.

When Wisp Shard reaches 10, Players can click Upgrade button to activate corresponding Wisp.

1. Wisp Star Level: When Wisp shard is enough, the Upgrade button will be highlighted. Click to upgrade the Star Level. Higher the Wisp Star Level, better the Basic, Additional and Growing Attributes of each level.

2. Wisp Level: Use Wispering Dew to increase Wisp Level. Higher the Wisp Level, better the Basic Attribute. At present, the maximum level of Wisp is 210. However, during the cultivation, the Wisp Level will not surpass the main character level.

3. Wisp Skill: Each Wisp has its own skill. Wisp Skill can be learned by consuming Luck Point. When the learning progress is full, Wisp Skill will be unlocked. It will cost Luck Point*100 each time you learn it.

Some of the powerful Wisp and their skills:

Naughty Wisp:

Decrease the Dodge and Accuracy a Lot of the Target Attacked by the Guarding Subject, the Effect Can Stack and will Last till the End of the Battle, Increase 30% Dodge of the Guarding Subject

Soul Wisp:

Increase 20% Attack to the Guarding Subject, the Buff will Last till the End of the Battle

Night Wisp:

Bring the Guarding Subject the Buff of Being Immune to Rage Decreasing Effect, Increase 10% Special Attack to the Guarding Subject, the Buff will Last till the End of the Battle

Ice Wisp:

After Casting a Spell, Remove Confusion, Sleep and Stun Effect on the Guarding Subject before it Acts, This effect Occurs Once Only

4. Wisp Guard:

Drag the Wisp Icon to Proceed or Cancel Wisp Guard.

Each Buddy Can Get Two Guarding Wisp at Most, Which are Main Guarding Wisp and Sub Guarding Wisp. The Skill of Main and Sub Guarding Wisp will come into effect at the Same Time During Battle. Intelligence, Volition, Strength and other additional attributes of the Main Guarding Wisp will be added to the character directly, but Only Intelligence, Volition, Strength bonus of the Sub Guarding Wisp will be added to the character.

5. Wisp Level can be transferred. During the Transfer, the original Wisp will be reset to level 1 while the new Wisp will inherit the level proportionally, The level of Gold Transfer is higher than Silver Transfer. Only the Wisp Level will be transferred, the Star Level will stay the same.

IIIWispering Tree House:

Bless of Wisp King can be unlocked when Wisp reaches Stage 3

The corresponding Wisp Shard and Wisp shard of any other two kinds of Wisp are required to increase the Blessing Level.

Blessing Level 1, there will be 1 terms of attribute. With the increase of Blessing Level, the amount of attribute terms will also increase. At present the maximum Blessing Level is 15 and three attribute terms at most can be added.

If players are not satisfied with the attributes, they can click Change Attribute to change the attribute with Silver.

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