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First Release of Ascendant Orb!

12/10/2018  Hits:526

Activity One: Total Recharge to get massive rewards

Activity Time: 00:10 Dec.11-23:50 Dec.11 (EST)
Activity Range :S1-S194

Activity Content:

Accumulatively recharge  200 gold, you can get extra 200 Eidolon Raw Stone, 50 Advanced Skill Token;
Accumulatively recharge  500 gold, you can get extra 300 Eidolon Raw Stone, 75 Advanced Skill Token;
Accumulatively recharge 1000 gold, you can get extra 500 Eidolon Raw Stone, 125 Advanced Skill Token;

Accumulatively recharge 3000 gold, you can get extra 2000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 500 Advanced Skill Token;

Accumulatively recharge 5000 gold, you can get extra 2000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 500 Advanced Skill Token;

Accumulatively recharge 10000 gold, you can get extra 5000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 1250 Advanced Skill Token;

Accumulatively recharge 20000 gold, you can get extra  10000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 2500 Advanced Skill Token, 1 Ascendant Orb;

Accumulatively recharge 30000 gold, you can get extra  12000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 3000 Advanced Skill Token;

Accumulatively recharge 40000 gold, you can get extra  14000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 3500 Advanced Skill Token;

Accumulatively recharge 50000 gold, you can get extra  18000 Eidolon Raw Stone, 4500 Advanced Skill Token;

The Precious Ascendant Orb can be used during the Ascendant of SS Eidolon into SSS Eidolon.

Ascendant Orb: The crucial item to stabilize the abundant Eidolon power. Can be used in the final stage of Eidolon Ascendant

>>Click to check Ascendant Tower

SSS Eidolon: True Spider Queen

True Spider Queen: The Avatar of Evil of Beauty

Skill Preview: Grant Poison Effect on All attack for 3 rounds, the Poison Damage is equivalent to 60% maximum health of the targets, This skill ignores Dodge and Invisible Effect and remain 50 Rage after using. Can be enhanced every 5 levels of the Eidolon.

Blade of Queen Operation Team

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