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Precious Buddy Title, Horcrux and Mount in Gold Expert!

12/30/2018  Hits:401

Here is the Activity List Angel has brought this time, Come and Join!

Activity One: Gold Expert

During the event, players who meet the recharging and spending requirements can get precious rewards:

Players who have recharged 20,000 Gold and spent 16,000 Gold can get Streaming Time(Buddy);

Players who have recharged 30,000 Gold and spent 20,000 Gold can get Dazzling Star Horcrux;

Players who have recharged 40,000 Gold and spent 30,000 Gold can get Seadragon Mount;

【Buddy Title: Stream Time】

【Horcrux: Dazzling Star】

【Mount: Seadragon】

Activity Two: Total Recharge to get massive rewards

During the event, accumulated deposit reached to certain amount of gold, abundant rewards can be acquired. Players are able to claim the rewards from ''Special Events'' after meeting the requirement.

*After receiving the title, click the 【Achievements】of your profile to wear the title


*You can only wear one title at a time,but the stats of different titles will stack


Activity Three: Single Recharge to get massive reward

During the event, players who recharge over specified amount of Gold at a single time can click ''Special Events''  to collect rewards.
There are no limit times to collect rewards, the more you recharge, the more rewards you received. Rewards are sent according to the highest rank that players' single recharging reached, and other rank of rewards can’t be claimed.

Activity Four: Spending Gold to get massive rewards

During the event, Heroes who consume to specified amount can click Special Events to collect rewards.
Eg: Accumulated Consumption reaches 1000 Gold to claim rewards from 500 Gold and 1000 Gold level.

*After receiving the title, click the 【Achievements】of your profile to wear the title


*You can only wear one title at a time,but the stats of different titles will stack

Blade of Queen Operation Team

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