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Introduction of 【Rakshasa Infanta】

01/24/2019  Hits:1679

Introduction to Rakshasa Infanta

Obtain Rakshasa Infanta from official activity.

Players can click  to open the Oracle Interface

Beautiful appearance, fine armor with Rakshasa Sword of Purification, here come the Rakshasa Infanta. Let's have a close look at our Infanta.

1. The basic of Rakshasa Infanta have piercing effect which can reduce enemies' armor as well as enhance the Special, Spell and Melee damage on them. This can increase the damage a lot for players.
2. The skill of Rakshasa Infanta is very powerful and her skill can counter the petrifying effect of Mermaid Queen, which make her the strong opponent of Mermaid Queen. Besides, she can also dispel the sealing effect of Goddess of Moon which grants your team high victory rate against rivals with them. When the skills of Rakshasa Infanta has reached the maximum level, the effect will be:
First Round: All friendly targets have 20% chance to dispel sealing and petrifying effect;
Second Round: All friendly targets have 50% chance to dispel sealing and petrifying effect;
Final Round: All friendly targets have 80% chance to dispel sealing and petrifying effect;

【Skill Preview】



Blade of Queen Operation Team


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