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Introduction of 【Children】

02/28/2019  Hits:2854

Introduction to Children

Obtain Rakshasa Infanta from official activity.

Players can click   to open the Children Interface


Children Obtaining Method

There are 2 different ways to obtain children: One is for Single players in our game and the other one is for married players in our game. (Each player can acquire 3 Children at most)

1. Single player: There are 2 ways for single player to obtain children

Way 1: Adoption Missions

Single player need to accept adoption mission in Priest (Lv60-70 Founted Oasis).

There are 3 steps in Adoption Missions

Step 1: Click Priest, accept Children series quest and go through it.

Step 2: Purchase New Clothes in Shop-Hot Sale and then give it to Priest to acquire Adoption Scroll

Step 3: Click Priest (Lv60-70 Founted Oasis) and choose Adopt Children. It will cost one Adoption Scroll and give you one Child

Way 2: Shop Purchase

Single players can purchase adoption scroll in shop and use it to adopt children in priest.

2. Married player: There are 2 ways for married player to obtain children

Way 1: Children Blessing

Married player can claim Children Blessing in Priest with 2000 Gold (The first time is free) and then do Happy Life with your partner to obtain Children. (Player can do the Happy Life as long as your partner accepts your invitation.)

*Tips: The one of couple who claims Children Blessing before Happy Life will get one child. And if both you and your partner claim Children Blessing before doing Happy Life, both you two can get one child after Happy Life. Player can't claim Children Blessing when doing Happy Life.

Way 2: Shop Purchase

Married player can also purchase adoption scroll in shop to adopt children

Player can check Children after obtaining. There are six boxes in Children, the Children in the upper line is yours and the Children in the lower line is your partners'

*Tips: After obtaining Children, players can change your Children name (The first time is free). If you want to change it again, you need to purchase Children Rename Card in Shop.

Cultivate of Children

There are 2 stages for Children: Infancy and Puberty.

Players need to take good care of your Children in Infancy because he is weak and doesn't have battle ability. When he moves into Puberty, he will go into the battle after your death, inheriting the part of your attributes.

Stage 1: Infancy

Children can get Potential by 'Amuse' and 'Comprehend' when in infancy. (You can help your partner's Children cultivate during this period). Children can choose move into Puberty when potential reached 84.

Mood: Mood represents state of Children, when it lowers than 40.5, children can't do comprehend. Mood can be increased by 'Amuse'.

Amuse: Amuse is free and can increase Children's mood. 5 Potential can be obtained when Children's Mood reach 120 each day.

Tips: 30 Potential can be obtained from 'Amuse' at most. Every 60 times amuse will make children tired and need to have a rest for 5 minutes.

Comprehension: Player can buy comprehend item for Children and get comprehension. When comprehension reached a certain amounts, children will get relevant amounts of Potential.

Tips: Mood and Comprehension will be reset to 0 daily.


Here is the Comprehend Item Price


Stage 2: Puberty

When Children's Potential reached 84, player can click Growth to make your Children enter into Choose Class Interface. Then players need to spend 1000 Luck Point Choosing one Class and learning its skill.

After learning, Children will enter into corresponding Class Puberty. (Three Classes for now: Knight, Ranger and Assassin). Children will inherit Main Char attributes according percent of its attributes in Puberty.

Children Skill can be upgraded by consuming Luck Point and the highest level is Lv. 5.

Here are the Children Appearances and Skills of three classes.


1. Children Appearance


2. Children Skill

>Skill of Knight


>Skill of Ranger


>Skill of Assassin

Children in Puberty can get Potential by 'Trial' and 'Advanced Trial'. And Potential obtained in Puberty can be distributed to 4 directions. Players can reset the potential by spending 1000 Gold. (84 Potential obtained in Infancy can't be reset, it will retain in minimum standard of four directions)

Abandon Children

Players can abandon Children in Priest. Children can't be retrieved after abandoning, please be careful.

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