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Exclusive Event for White Day ——【Romance Hall】

03/12/2019  Hits:1367

Introduction to Romance Hall Activity


From 16:00 Mar.12 to 23:40 Mar.15(EST)


Players can click  to join.


1. The Romance Hall lasts for 4 days. The first day is preparation stage, each hero can choose one friend(No gender limitation) as the confidant. The second day to the fourth day are mission stage, players can get friendship and rewards by completing different types of missions.

2. Confidant can only be bound during the preparation stage, choose choose the friend and get the permission of your friend can bind the confidant successfully. Players who are confidants can obtain the mission reward of their confidants as well as the reward of themselves at the same time and stack the Friendship together.

For example: If you complete two missions and your confidant completes three missions, then both of you can obtain 5 mission rewards.


*Players without confidant can also participate in the activity, but can only obtain reward of themselves.

*Except for accumulative spending and recharging missions, the mission progress will be reset each day, please claim the reward in time.

*The Friendship can only be stacked when players and their confidants claim the rewards of themselves, it won't be stacked when they claim the rewards of each other's rewards.

3. There will be a sanctuary and all-server ranking list for Friendship. After the activity is over, top 10 players of the sanctuary list and top 20 players of the all-server ranking list will have additional ranking rewards.

*The players who are confidants can stack the Friendship together and share the rank, both of them can obtain the rewards according to the rank they share.

*The ranking rewards will be sent through mail

Blade of Queen Operation Team


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