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Introduction of 【Battle Soul】

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Battle Soul can assist players in the field as a special unit. Battle Souls can be divided into Elemental, Mechanical and Holy Light Battle Souls. Three different types of Battle Souls restrain each other.

Requirement: Unlock at Lv. 180 after completing Main Quests

Entrance: Players can click to join


I. Acquisition

Players can use Battle Soul summon stone to acquire Battle Soul. When the function is unlocked, players can obtain one free Flame Battle Soul summon stone in Collect Rewards. After using it, they can get a Flame Battle Soul with random Aptitudes and Passive skills. Other Battle Soul summon stones can be obtained through official events.

*If you reobtain a Battle Soul that you have already possessed, it will be decomposed into Battle Soul Star Upgrade Stone.

II. Cultivation of Battle Soul

1. Battle Soul Polish

Players can spend 200 Gold to Polish Battle Soul, which can reset all Aptitudes and Passive skills of the Battle Soul.

AptitudesAptitudes are divided into seven types: HP Aptitude, Attack Aptitude, Defense Aptitude, Rage Aptitude, Agility Aptitude, Wreck Aptitude and Support Aptitude. Different Aptitudes affect different Attributes. The higher the Aptitude, the more Attributes will be increased when upgrading.

* Specified Aptitude can also be increased by using Battle Soul Aptitude Stone, which can be obtained in Training Field or official events.

Passive SkillDifferent types of Battle Soul have different Passive skills. Each Battle Soul can have at most three Passive Skills.

2. Level Upgrade

The highest level of Battle Soul is Lv. 210. Players can use Battle Soul Exp Potion to upgrade it. The higher the level of Battle Soul, the higher the Attributes of it. Battle Soul Exp Potion can be purchased directly by Gold or obtained in the Training Field.

3. Star Upgrade

Players can consume Battle Soul Star Upgrade Stone to upgrade Star Level, up to 10. The higher the Star Level of Battle Soul, the more attribute bonus it has. When the Battle Soul reaches 10 Stars, Rage Saving can reach 100.

III. Training Field

The Training Field includes common Sections and BOSS Section.

1. There are 7 common Sections. The higher the damage players deal to the monster, the higher the star players achieve when completing the section. Rewards are available for reaching each star.

The total number of Stars players achieve will be counted in the all Server Section Rankings.

* Section progress reset at 0:00 every Monday (server time).

* Its required to complete previous Section with at least 1 star before challenging the next one.

2. BOSS Section is a special section that no challenge restrictions, and no star rewards as well.

The damage to BOSS dealt by players will be counted in the all Server Boss Damage Rankings.

3. Section Rankings and Boss Damage Rankings are settled every Monday at 10:00 (server time). Top 10 players in all server can get ranking rewards.

IV. Formation

1. Players can arrange Battle Souls in the Formation. There are 5 Battle Souls slots in the Formation. When the Battle Soul function is unlocked, one slot will be automatically unlocked. The remaining slots can be unlocked by each consuming 10,000 Gold.

2. There is at most one Battle Soul in the battlefield. The rest are substitutes that will enter the field after the previous one dies.

V. Battle

Battle Soul is a special unit that will attack before main character and buddies in each round. The order of Battle Souls attack will be determined by the team's Initiative value. The specific battle mechanism is as follows:

1. When Battle Souls are present on both sides, they attack each other. After Battle Souls attack, the two sides compare the number of Battle Souls alive (if it's the same then compare their current HP), and Battle Soul of the winner will attack the buddies of opponent once more at the end of the round. (If they are tied, both sides will not attack).

* Battle Souls deal no Divinity damage.

2. If the opponent has no Battle Soul, the Battle Soul will directly attack the enemy's buddies.

3. Thunder

Battle Souls are so strong that they are cursed by Thor. When Battle Souls are on the field, they will incur Thunderafter delivering attack in the preparation stage,

1) If the Battle Souls are alive, Thunder will reduce 20% of the max HP of Battle Souls, or 10% of the max HP of all units in formation if the opponent has no Battle Soul alive. (Buddies in Perfect Defense status can resist Thunder damage).

2) If neither side has Battle Souls alive, Thunder will no longer be triggered.

3) Thunder can deal 1 Billion damage at most.

Tips: If the Battle Souls on the two sides are restrained relationship, Thunder will cause 50% additional damage to the restrained Battle Soul.

The restraint relationship is as follows:

Elemental restrain Mechanical, Mechanical restrain Holy Light and Holy Light restrain Elemental Battle Soul.

4. EX Skill

Each Battle Soul has its own unique EX Skill which is released when Rage reaches 100 in battle. The way of acquiring Rage of Battle Soul is the same as that of buddies.

Elemental Battle SoulFlame Battle Soul

EX Skill: Death of Flaming Star Soul

AOE attack, greatly increase Special Attack and Accuracy, reduce target 25 Rage and 5 Divine Shield, deal massive damage, remain 50 rage after using.

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