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Introduction of 【Buddy Training】

08/23/2019  Hits:2542

Buddy Training


Unlock at Lv. 120 after completing Main Quests


Players can click to entre.


Players can get Star Stones and Mystery Stones by dispatching buddies to complete the expedition. Star Stones and Mystery Stones can be used for Buddy Training, providing percentage bonus for attributes of each buddy, thus greatly enhancing the buddy's battle capacity.

The function interface is as follows:

I. Buddy Expedition

1. Players can dispatch buddies to complete the expedition. The expedition missions are divided into three qualities: green, blue and gold (the number of crystals under the mission represents the quality). The higher the quality of the mission, the better the rewards for completing the expedition.

2. Different expedition missions have different requirements. The selected buddies must meet the Basic Requirements before they can start the expedition. If the selected buddies meet Special Requirements, the mission rating can be improved. The higher the rating, the higher the bonus for expedition.

SS rating can be obtained after meeting all the Special Requirements, with a bonus of 100%.

* Up to 5 buddies can be dispatched for the same expedition.

* Each buddy can only take part in one expedition at the same time.

* Only buddies who have been invited before can be dispatched.

3. It takes a certain amount of time to complete the expedition. During the expedition, players can choose to end the expedition in advance and relevant number of rewards will be obtained according to the current expedition progress. Speed Up Cards can be used to speed up the expedition, and each card can reduce the expedition time by 1 hour.

* Speed Up Cards are available in official events.

4. Expedition rewards are divided into rewards bound to obtain and random rewards. The rewards bound to obtain are Star Stones and Mystery Stones, which are necessary for Buddy Training. Random rewards may drop during the expedition, including Gold, Numen Essence and so on.

5. Expedition missions can be free refreshed 3 times a day, and players can spend Gold refreshing when free times are used up.

New mission will be automatically refreshed after completing or cancelling the expedition.

Up to 15 expeditions can be completed per day, including the expedition that is cancelled in advance.

* All the missions that are not in progress will be refreshed at 00:00 every day automatically, while resetting the number of free refreshes.

II. Buddy Training

1. Buddy Training can be divided into Common training and Senior training. Each training corresponds to different attributes.

Training can provide percentage bonus for attributes of each buddy, thus greatly enhancing the buddy's battle capacity. Each training requires a certain amount of Star Stones and Mystery Stones. Several buddies can be trained together at the same time.

2. Each training is divided into 1-30 levels, and the training progress of each level is independent.

Players can choose any level for training. The higher the training level, the higher the percentage bonus provided, and the more resources consumed as well.

3. Each training will increase or decrease the training progress randomly. The more times of training at the same level, the easier for the buddy to increase the training progress.

When the training progress is full, the buddy will not be trained at that level any more.

III. Training Overview

In the Training Overview, players can clearly see the training effect of each buddy, the higher degree of completion of buddy training, the higher the Perfection.

IV. Training Transfer

In Training Transfer interface, players can transfer the training progress of one buddy to another. Silver Transfer can transfer 75% of the training progress, and Gold Transfer can transfer 100% of the training progress.

* Note: The training progress of recipient will all be covered by the transferred buddy in proportion.

Eg: If the Strength training of Shera is 3% and that of Venus is 9%, after Gold Transfer, the Strength training of Venus will be 3%.

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