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Announcement for processing data rollback of part of servers and compensation

09/06/2019  Hits:714

Dear Hero:

After the update today, the mail system is abnormal, causing some players to receive a lot of mail containing the Hero Homecoming gift packs.

Since some players have already used the abnormal resources, in order to maintain a healthy and fair game environment, we decided to conduct the rollback processing on the affected servers.

Processing time:

16:20, September 6, estimated to take 4 ~ 6 hours.

Rollback scheme:

After the server is normally opened, the game data (including Bag, Warehouse, Experience and function changes) will be reset to 04:00, September 6,

That is, the operation data of the player between 04:00, September 6 and 16:20, September 6 will disappear.


After the rollback work is completed, we will provide additional compensation to all players later.

For players who have recharged during this period, we will provide additional Gold as compensation.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience it has caused.Thank you for your cooperation.

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