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Introduction of 【Dark Slate】

03/06/2019  Hits:577


Unlock at Lv. 125, after completing relevant main quest.

Player can click 'Dark Slate' icon below Avatar Icon to enter into it

The interface as follows:

Dark Slate:

Dark Slate can take in Sacred Gear attributes and offer those attributes to Main Character and all buddies in team, including reinforcements.
The more Sacred Gear you have, the more powerful the Dark Slate is.

Sacred Gear:

Different Sacred Gears have different attributes and each one can offer stats for Dark Slate

How to obtain Sacred Gear:

Player can get Broken Sword from system and other Sacred Gears can be obtained from our official event.


Sacred Gears can be displayed as appearance

Star Level of Sacred Gear:

The same Sacred Gears can be used to upgrade the Star Level of it. Star Level can increase sacred gears' attributes which is equal to one star level attributes * the number of stars. The highest Star Level is 10 Stars.

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