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Version Update at 4:00 Nov.25 (EST)

11/22/2019  Hits:1908

Dear Heroes:

Blade of Queen will undergo an update for S1-S245 to improve and provide better game experience, which starts at 04:00 Nov.25 (EST). The update lasts about 15 minutes after the in-game announcement.

The update details are as follows:

New Function

1. New Level – Peak Level 6~10

The new Peak Level is accompanied by the opening of the new map

Unlock Requirement: Unlock at Peak Lv. 6 after accepting Main Quest.

After the map is unlocked, players can click the Pantheon icon in the map to enter.

The new plots and Main Quest are here for Heroes to experience corresponding to the new Peak Level. In the map of Pantheon, Heroes can complete instance to collect rare equipment materials for the new enhancement. Meanwhile, “Peak Cultivate” also increases its upper limit.

2. New Function Eidolon Growth

Unlock Requirement: Unlock when SSS Eidolon reaches max level

Entrance: Click on the tab “Growth” in Eidolon.


a) Eidolon Growth has two pages, each page has 11 common nodes and 1 special node. Double click to unlock the node, which will consume a certain amount of Eidolon Raw Stones or Eidolon Shards.

b) After unlocking the common node, the Eidolon will get an additional increase of a certain attribute, while unlocking the special node can get an increase of multiple attributes, or unlock the special effect like the Eidolon Support position and Enlightening Stone attributes bonus.

c) Eidolon Support: Click Eidolon to choose the buddy to protect or Eidolon to support. Only Eidolon that has unlocked Support Position can be supported by other Eidolon.

d) The Support-Eidolon will provide its basic attributes to the current Eidolon based on its Polish progress. (The higher the Polish progress, the higher the attributes bonus)

e) After unlocking the special node on the second page, the Support-Eidolon will also provide its Enlightening Stone attributes to the current Eidolon.

Tips:One Eidolon can only choose to support an Eidolon or protect a buddy.

3. New Ring System

Unlock Requirement: Unlock with Marriage system.

Entrance: Click on the icon in Character.


The Ring system has two new features: Ring Star Upgrade and Ring Skill Upgrade

Ring Star Upgrade: Ring Star can be upgraded by consuming Ring Star Upgrade Stones. Each Star will provide certain attributes for the Ring, and the max level is Rank 20 Star 10 (different rings have different attributes bonus).

Ring Skill Upgrade: the Ring Skills is divided into four: Remould, Blade, Immortal and Annihilation. Skills can only be learned or upgraded when the Ring reaches a certain Star Level, which will consume a certain number of Ring Skill Stones or Ring Skill Books.

Tips: the Ring Skill level and Ring Star level will not change with the replacement of the Ring

Ring Star Upgrade Stones, Ring Skill Stones and Ring Skill Books of Remould, Blade and Immortal can be exchanged with Affections in Partner Shop, while Annihilation Skill Book can be obtained in official events.

Introduction of Ring Skills:

Remould: Provide 54.8% attributes bonus for Ring.

Blade: All the damage you deal will be increased by 28% at all rounds.

Immortal: When receive the deadly attack, you will retain 1 HP, and increase 31%Special/Spell/Melee Attack.

Annihilation: When the opponent's HP is under 23%, your next attack must be deathstrike.

Tips:The description above are the effect of the max level.

Introduction of Partner Missions:

1. Partner Missions will be unlocked after marriage. Married players can complete tasks to receive corresponding task rewards. If the unmarried players participate in the activity, the data will not be recorded.
2. Each time the player completes a task, he / she can get task reward once, and his / her partner can also get corresponding task reward.
3. Both partners can get the Activation after completing the task. When the daily Activation meets the requirements, they can get the corresponding Activation reward. Activation will reset at 0:00 every day.


1. Optimized the server lag caused by the settlement of Phoenix Reborn.

2. VIP restriction was added in the Gift Giving function.

Bugs Fixed

1. Fixed the bug of data anomaly of Rankings for some players.

2. Fixed the bug of abnormal recharge interface in the event Magic Treasure Chest

3. Fixed the bug that the Gold and remains shards were not consumed normally when unlocking the second position for Arm of Four Gods.
4. Fixed the bug of abnormal model display in Lea's Grace activity.
5. Fixed the bug of abnormal display of friends' Intimacy.
6. Fixed the bug of abnormal display of the rewards in the battle result in Troops of Evil.

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