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Introduction of 【Auction Master】

11/26/2019  Hits:2127

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1. The Process of Auction

During the activity, the system will auction a rare item at 0:00 (EST) every day.

Before 21:00 (EST), players can bid within the bid range of the auction lot.

The auction is over at 21:00 (EST) and system will pick the player qualified for the auction lot.

21:00-24:00 (EST) is the display period every day.

2. The Rules for Auction

a) Every item auction lot has a bid range and players need to bid within the bid range.

b) It will consume one Bid Card and charge an amount of deposit to bid once. Bid Cards can be obtained in official events.

c) Players have the max number of times to bid in a round of auction. Once the number is reached, they can't bid for the lot in this round.

d) Players can also batch bid, which consumes Bid Cards with the same number of times of bidding and also charges the highest Bid Price as a deposit. When batch bidding, players need to fill in the minimum and maximum value of the Bid Price.

* E.g. if the player chooses to bid 6-10 Gold, 5 Bid Cards will be consumed and 10 Gold will be charged as the deposit. And it’s deemed to bid 5 times.

* If players bid for the same auction lot several times, only the deposit corresponding to the highest bid price will be charged. E.g. if the player bids 5 Gold for the first time and 4 Gold for the second, only 5 Gold deposit will be charged. If the player bids 5 Gold for the first time and 6 Gold for the second, 5 Gold deposit will be deducted at first and 1 Gold for the second.

*The Gold deposited in this activity will not be included in other consumption events.

e) After the auction, the only bidder with the lowest Bid Price in all servers wins the bid, who will obtain the auction lot and pay by deducting the deposit of the bid price.

* E.g. if 3 players bid 1 Gold, 1 player bids 2 Gold and 1 player bids 3 Gold, the player with 2 Gold will win the bid and 2 Gold will be deducted in deposit.

f) If there is no only bidder with lowest price, the group of the least number of people with the lowest price will be taken, among which the first player who bids the price is the winner.

* E.g. if 3 players bid 6 Gold, 2 players bid 7 Gold and 2 players bid 8 Gold, and there’s no group of 2 players bid less than 7 Gold, the player who bid 7 Gold first will win the bid.

g) During the activity, players can check the number of players with the same bid price for free.

3. The Rewards for Auction

After the auction at 21:00 (EST), the player who wins the bid will receive the auction lot via mail.

The Gold deposited by the players who fail the bid will be fully returned, but Bid Cards will not.

Players can obtain additional Bidding Award according to the accumulated bidding times.

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