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Come and Take a Look at the Beautiful Hacienda Appearance! 12/19/2018

Come and Check the Battle God Transform Card in Queen Hera's Shop 12/15/2018

Take a Look at the Precious Attribute & Number Shard!!! 12/12/2018

First Release of Ascendant Orb! 12/10/2018

Come and Get Splendid Mount, Horcrux and Buddy Title in Gold Expe... 12/09/2018

Never Miss the Mermaid Queen and God of Brightness in Oracle! 12/07/2018

Awesome Mount and Horcrux in Dream Ladder and 7 Day Joy of Rechar... 12/03/2018

Come and Get Various Rewards in Gold Experts! 11/30/2018

Recharge 20000 Gold For 30000 Gold Rebate ! 11/30/2018

Precious Skins for Hot Queens! Buy Two Horcurx and Get One for Fr... 11/27/2018

Come and Join the Icy Souvenir to get the awesome Cloud Drake Mou... 11/24/2018

Grateful Harvest! Small Weird Bird! Holy Spotted Deer! 11/21/2018

Recharge for Covenant Point in Single Choice of Blessing! 11/18/2018

Wisp Scroll at 3rd Wave of Anniversary Revelry! Dragon Trial Bon... 11/15/2018

Come and Join the Second Wave of Anniversary Activity! 11/12/2018

Exclusive Items! Brand New Wisps! Limited Apocalypse Suit! 11/09/2018

Come and Get Various Horcrux in Queen's Chest! 11/06/2018

Big Profit! 7-Day Joy of Recharge! One Shoot One Kill! 11/03/2018

Come and Join the Latest Crazy Halloween Activity! 10/31/2018

New Halloween Pet! New Vehicle Mount! New Smash Pumpkin Even! 10/29/2018

Come and Collect New Convenant Point! 10/25/2018

Big Profit! Dream Ladder! New Minstrel Titles! 10/22/2018

Recharge for The New Pet with Anti Invisible Stats-Small Flying D... 10/19/2018

Big Profit! Magic Mirror! Gold Expert! 10/16/2018

Brand New Outfits-Maid-Steward Series Costume Initial Offering! 10/13/2018

Big Profit! Magic Mirror! Battle of Five Armies! 10/10/2018

Random Roulette! Defend World Tree! One Shoot One Kill! 10/07/2018

Big Profit! Honored Chest! Explore the Wonderland! 10/04/2018

Total Recharge for Numen Essence! 10/01/2018

Big Profit! Gold Lottery! Grand Turntable! 09/28/2018

Check Out for the New Event Queen's Chest! 09/25/2018

Blow the Bugle for Battle of Five Armies and Collect War Trophie... 09/22/2018

Gold Roulette! Voyage of Discovery! Exciting Slot! 09/20/2018

Big Profit! Exciting Slot! Tower of Fate! 09/16/2018

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