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Big Profit! Magic Mirror! Gold Expert! 10/16/2018

Brand New Outfits-Maid-Steward Series Costume Initial Offering! 10/13/2018

Big Profit! Magic Mirror! Battle of Five Armies! 10/10/2018

Random Roulette! Defend World Tree! One Shoot One Kill! 10/07/2018

Big Profit! Honored Chest! Explore the Wonderland! 10/04/2018

Total Recharge for Numen Essence! 10/01/2018

Big Profit! Gold Lottery! Grand Turntable! 09/28/2018

Check Out for the New Event Queen's Chest! 09/25/2018

Blow the Bugle for Battle of Five Armies and Collect War Trophie... 09/22/2018

Gold Roulette! Voyage of Discovery! Exciting Slot! 09/20/2018

Big Profit! Exciting Slot! Tower of Fate! 09/16/2018

Badge Bestowal! Random Hero Roulette! Angel Casino! 09/13/2018

Big Profit! Beach Ramble! Explore the Wonderland! 09/10/2018

Voyage of Discovery! The Most Preferential! Relics Explore! 09/07/2018

Big Profit! Dream Ladder! Gold Refinery Discount! 09/04/2018

Special Lucky Deity Tree! Magic Mirror! Single Choice of Blessing 09/01/2018

Dragon Vault! Gold Expert! Random Hero Roulette 08/30/2018

Brand New Event-Dream Ladder! Percent Exp Potion Initial Offering... 08/26/2018

Goddess Treasure! Lucky Chest! 7-Day Joy of Recharge 08/24/2018

Recharge 20000 Gold For 30000 Gold Rebate ! 08/21/2018

New Event-Ruins of Immortals! 08/21/2018

Big Profit! Random Hero Roulette! One Shot One Kill! 08/20/2018

Gold Lottery! Gratitude Gifts! Dragon Vault! 08/17/2018

Big Profit! Hera Roulette! Buy One and Get One for Free! 08/15/2018

Beach Ramble! Explore the Wonderland! Tower of Fate! 08/11/2018

Big Profit! Voyage of Discovery! Flower Romance! 08/08/2018

Brand New Event-Super Resource Offer! Big Giveaway of Servant Emb... 08/07/2018

Gold Lottery! Exciting Slots! Angel Casino! 08/05/2018

Big Profit! Gold Expert for Super powerful Buddy Title! 08/03/2018

Goddess Treasure! 7 Days Joy of Recharge! Queen Hera's Shop! 07/31/2018

Who's the Luckiest One? Find Your Luck Here in Lucky Chest! 07/28/2018

Explore the Wonderland! Massive New Titles and Horcrux! 07/24/2018

Angel of Demon Roulette Is Coming Again! Massive Titles! 07/22/2018

Double Happiness! Multiple New Titles, Retinue Cards, Mounts and ... 07/18/2018

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