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Enormous Refund! Numerous Kindle and Gold for My Heroes! 12/08/2016

Massive Kindles Coming! Wings of Cherubim Befalling! 12/05/2016

Big Giveaway of Gold! 50% Discount of Stamina! 12/04/2016

Gold Wining Never Stops! Top up for Kindling! 12/01/2016

S4【Dark Abyss】 official launch,New server gifts are waiting f... 12/01/2016

Goblin Invasion! Transmute Retrain for Gold Refund! 11/30/2016

Month Ending Carnival! Gold and VIP Boom! 11/29/2016

Advanced Potion and Perfect Gem make your Battle Capacity Boom! 11/28/2016

S3【Excalibur】 official launch,New server gifts are waiting fo... 11/25/2016

Big Giveaway of Kindle! Gold Wining Never Stops! 11/24/2016

Thanks Giving Grace! Recharge Any Amount For 1000% Rebate! 11/23/2016

Thanks Giving Day Bonus! Gold and VIP Boom! 11/21/2016

Accumulated Consumption for Abundant Gift! 11/21/2016

【S1-S2】Shop Limited Sale! Reputation, Silver Stored! 11/19/2016

S2 【Durandal】 official launch,New server gifts are waiting fo... 11/18/2016

Giveaway of Advanced Potion!Surprise in Lucky Roulette! 11/17/2016

New Update of S1 at 10:00 Nov. 17(EST) 11/17/2016

The Most Powerful Ever-Wings of Fallen Angle! 11/16/2016

Special offer for Stamina and Angel Escort! 11/14/2016

Star Shards! Elevate Battle Capacity! 11/13/2016

Shop Limited Sale! Reputation, Silver Stored! 11/12/2016

S1 【Rebirth】official launch,New server gifts are waiting for ... 11/10/2016

Extension of Closed Beta Termination 11/10/2016

Participate in the survey. Win the Rare Wings of Fallen Angel! 11/08/2016

11:00 on Nov.4 Closed beta test sexily launched,Multiple gifts ... 11/03/2016

11:00 on Nov.4 ,T1 【Angel Tears】official launch,fight for you... 11/03/2016

Queens System 11/03/2016

Queens system--Awake and make out with your Goddess! 11/03/2016

Introduction of Classes 11/03/2016

Reputation and Partner Recruitment 11/03/2016

Attacking sequence and Initiative 11/03/2016

Introduction of Manor 11/03/2016

Angel Escort 11/03/2016

Star 11/03/2016

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