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Total Recharge to Get Abundant Pet Resource! 01/23/2019

Version Update at 6:30 Jan.24(EST) 01/23/2019

Ascendant Orb Offering Again! New Flame Flying Mount in Dream Lad... 01/20/2019

Sexy Launch of New SSS Eidolon-Dimensional Martial Lady 01/17/2019

Version Update at 6:00 Jan.17(EST) 01/16/2019

Take a look at the Lucky Chest and Consecutive Recharge! 01/14/2019

First Release of Hera-Winter's Heart Skin! Give Away of Crystal a... 01/11/2019

Version Update at 4:00 Jan.10(EST) 01/10/2019

Come and check the New Numen Ring! 01/09/2019

New Anti-Invisible Stats Buddy Title and Horcrux Offering in Drea... 01/05/2019

Version Update at 01:00 Jan.5 (EST) 01/05/2019

Precious items in Goddess Treasure and Consecutive Recharge! 01/02/2019

Recharge 30000 Gold For 50000 Gold Rebate ! Single Recharge for T... 12/31/2018

Precious Buddy Title, Horcrux and Mount in Gold Expert! 12/30/2018

Come and check Ascendant Orb and Convenant Point in Single Choice... 12/27/2018

Version Update at 04:00 Dec.27 (EST) 12/27/2018

Come and Join the New Christmas Tree Decoration Activity! 12/24/2018

First Release of Auspicious Snow Skin! Big Revelry of Christmas E... 12/21/2018

Version Update at 04:00 Dec.20 (EST) 12/19/2018

Come and Take a Look at the Beautiful Hacienda Appearance! 12/19/2018

Come and Check the Battle God Transform Card in Queen Hera's Shop 12/15/2018

Version Update at 04:00 Dec.13 (EST) 12/12/2018

Take a Look at the Precious Attribute & Number Shard!!! 12/12/2018

First Release of Ascendant Orb! 12/10/2018

Come and Get Splendid Mount, Horcrux and Buddy Title in Gold Expe... 12/09/2018

Introduction of 【Hacienda】 12/09/2018

Never Miss the Mermaid Queen and God of Brightness in Oracle! 12/07/2018

Awesome Mount and Horcrux in Dream Ladder and 7 Day Joy of Rechar... 12/03/2018

Freezing Battle Anomaly Resolution 12/01/2018

Come and Get Various Rewards in Gold Experts! 11/30/2018

Recharge 20000 Gold For 30000 Gold Rebate ! 11/30/2018

Version Update at 04:00 Dec.7 (EST) 11/30/2018

Precious Skins for Hot Queens! Buy Two Horcurx and Get One for Fr... 11/27/2018

Come and Join the Icy Souvenir to get the awesome Cloud Drake Mou... 11/24/2018

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