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Introduction of 【Auction Master】 11/26/2019

Introduction of 【League of Hero】 10/28/2019

Introduction of 【Miracle Mine】 09/16/2019

Introduction of 【Colorful Summer Battle Pass】 09/02/2019

Introduction of 【Buddy Training】 08/23/2019

Introduction of 【Battle Soul】 08/05/2019

【Bloody Witch-Siren】Character Archive 04/04/2019

Exclusive Event for White Day ——【Romance Hall】 03/12/2019

Introduction of 【Dark Slate】 03/06/2019

Introduction of 【Children】 02/28/2019

Introduction of 【Rakshasa Infanta】 01/24/2019

Introduction of 【Hacienda】 12/09/2018

Introduction of 【Magic Refinery】 10/21/2018

Introduction of【Faery】 10/18/2018

Introduction of 【Dragon Soul Orb】 10/11/2018

Artifact: Epic-Arms of Elemental God! Special Effect Reverse War ... 08/30/2018

Introduction of 【Hand of Gods】 08/16/2018

Introduction of 【Numen Palace】 08/16/2018

Whose Buddies are the best! Join the Buddy Legend to Prove Yourse... 08/16/2018

War of Demigod, Shot to Fame: All Server Contest- Arrival of Deit... 07/20/2018

Introduction of 【God Star】 07/06/2018

New Function【Pentacle】Good Use of Magic Circles Will Make You... 06/27/2018

March on the Road to Mars【Fight for Fame】 06/25/2018

Blade of Queen Buddy Skin Illustrated Handbook 06/20/2018

New Server Ultimate Rewards! Recharge for Powerful Buddy-Shadow! 05/12/2018

New Server Surprise Events! Wining Exclusive Title & Eidolon & Ho... 05/12/2018

Blade of Queen New Server Official Launch, Exclusive Gifts Are Wa... 05/01/2018


11:00 on Nov.4 Closed beta test sexily launched,Multiple gifts ... 11/03/2016

11:00 on Nov.4 ,T1 【Angel Tears】official launch,fight for you... 11/03/2016

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